SOSprof is the reference for the support and school monitoring that your child needs to ensure his/her academic success. As parents, we all feel overwhelmed at a certain point of our child’s education when he/she is having difficulty. Sometimes, we are not up to date with the novelties in the educational programs, and other times, we just don’t feel well equipped to face these challenges. That’s when you should not hesitate to ask for help from one of our many tutors that will guarantee an efficient progress by reinvesting the previous achievements of your child for the benefit of his/her current learnings.

Who are we?

We are mostly teachers and retirees, legally qualified or following a study program to this end. Many of our tutors are also graduates from specialized university programs in a variety of fields (mathematics, economy, literature, language, administration, psychology, chemistry, physics, etc.). They are rigorously chosen on the basis of criteria clearly established by SOSprof:

  • A minimum of 45 university credits in the subject field taught.
  • Criminal record check relevant to the employment.
  • Experience with youths either in a volunteering or a working situation.
  • Being familiar with the school reform.

Our values

We are inspired by a strong will to act as a lever in the life of your child in order for him/her to progress, and more importantly, succeed. After all, it’s the adding up of small tangible actions that motivates students to persevere and move forward. Success is important to us, but progress is even more. Respect, trust, listening, willingness, diligence, thoughtfulness, dynamism, and competency: here are the key assets that best describe us and make us the ones that your child needs along his/her school journey.

Our mission

Our goal is to find the right person AT THE BEST MOMENT, THE BEST LOCATION AND THE BEST PRICE for your child, namely the one equipped with the necessary skills to help your child overcome his/her biggest challenges and aim for success. Educational support has proven its effectiveness. It is a commitment to persevere despite the barriers down the road: that’s our motivation to offer a high quality service at a very competitive price.