Difficulty Learning or Learning Disability? Academic Coaching

Academic coaching

Homework time can be a stressful time of the day for a parent living with a child who has a difficulty or a learning disability. We have the solution for you! SOSteacher offers a personalized academic coaching service that is tailored to your needs. We have certified tutors throughout your area. Whether or not your child has been diagnosed, there are many clues that can help you determine if they need outside help.


Here are 5 signs that will help you determine whether your child has a learning disability:


  • Difficulty concentrating at school and during homework time;
  • Negative perception of school and lessons;
  • Regular or generalized anxiety;
  • Slowed ability to perform and settle down to work;
  • Difficulties with reading, writing and/or numeracy.




The positive effects of one-on-one teaching and tutoring on your child:


  • The work is done in a personalized way by targeting the needs of the child;
  • The one-on-one approach encourages rapid identification of academic and methodological gaps;
  • Academic remediation;
  • Exercise learning in progress;
  • Consolidate what has been learned;
  • Increase in confidence, self-esteem and autonomy;
  • Decrease in anxiety, thus an improvement in the learning environment.



SOSteacher is:


  • A dynamic team that listens and understands your needs;
  • Accredited tutors carefully selected according to their experience with children, their university background (a minimum of 45 university credits), their passion for teaching and their spotless background checks;
  • A fast, affordable and secure service;
  • Our tutors’ details are verifiable and available to you.




“Katherine has developed an incredible bond with Maxime, my son, who has been diagnosed with ADHD. She is helping him meet his academic challenges with brio and he has a lot more self-confidence now that he is experiencing academic success. »

Caroline C., Quebec City, Quebec