What are the services offered by SOSprof?

SOSprof’s goal is to contribute to the academic success of your child. In order to do so, we offer teaching services tailored to the needs of your child: academic upgrading, tutoring, homework assistance, preparation for private school examination, summer school and remedial teaching. Thanks to our network of partners, we can refer you to the following professionals: speech-language pathologist, occupational therapist, psychoeducator.

Where can I get your services?

We mainly offer our services at our customers’ home. You can also choose the meetings to happen at your local library, online, at the tutor’s home or at your child’s school with the agreement of its management.

What are your rates?

In order to accurately identify your needs and provide you with the correct information, we invite you to contact SOSprof at [email protected], 450-430-7670 or 1-844-330-7670 (toll-free number).

After how many tutoring sessions should I see an improvement in my child’s performance?

There is no easy answer to this one, because all students are different and start from various levels. However, after eight tutoring hours in a short period of time, your child should start to show a greater self-confidence. You should also notice that your child is more disciplined and organized in his/her school work.

I don’t feel really comfortable with my child’s current tutor. Is it possible to change?

Since the relationship between the tutor and the student is at the heart of the success of our educational service, you should not hesitate to talk to SOSprof, so that we can match your child with another tutor that better suits his/her personality and needs.

Do I have to sign a fixed-term contract?

No. When you register for services with SOSprof, you are not bound by any contract. You just have to inform us at least 24 hours in advance and we will put an end to our services free of charge.

Can the tutor communicate with my child’s teacher?

Absolutely. It can be necessary for both professionals to liaise in order to exchange information regarding the progress of your child, at the individual as well as at the academic level.