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Whether you live in a more remote area or simply wish to remain in the comfort of your own home, SOSteacher offers a personalized online tutoring service provided by one of our tutors specialized in distance learning. So, whether it is for a regular follow-up or a spontaneous request about a particular concept, our tutors can easily answer your request as soon as possible. They will be able to support you in your approach so that your experience will be as user-friendly as possible. Do you need tutoring in mathematics, French, English or science? Our online tutoring service will meet your academic needs. We work in accordance with the programme of the Ministry of Education.


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Our statistics show that our online tutoring service is just as successful and satisfying as our face-to-face tutoring service. Our tutors have risen to the challenge and we are proud to be able to respond to a greater number of students through our online distance learning service.


Who is online tutoring for?



After doing a lot of research online, in order to help my daughter fill in the gaps in her learning, I finally found this organization called SOSteacher. I became aware of their values, their operating criteria as well as their objectives regarding their services and the expectations of parents and students. This is our first experience with them and from the very first session, I could already see a difference with my daughter. For this, I strongly recommend that you go with SOSteacher, because they are the ones who give the best service in the field.

– Marie-Pascale, April 2020


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How are the online sessions conducted?


Online tutoring sessions differ particularly in terms of preparation. Similar to private face-to-face tutoring, the tutor is not the master of the content (except for the summer private tutoring or the academic remedial service). From the outset, the tutor works with the teacher, supporting the teacher’s approach and respecting the teacher’s pedagogy. Thus, the tutor works mainly with the student’s teaching material. Prior to the online course, the sending of  the exercises and the content of the session will be the key to success. You can do this by email or SMS to help your tutor prepare adequately. Nothing could be easier! These SMS (pictures) can be sent during the online tutoring session to add additional content.


Sarah-Maude presents in detail how it works. She is a true STAR of ONLINE teaching.



Here is an example of online tutoring with Rosalie from SOSteacher:


What do I need in order for online tutoring to run smoothly?


Ideally a high-speed Internet connection, if possible. Since live videos require a large amount of bandwidth, the better the connection you have, the more you will avoid technical problems.


What tools or software are used for online tutoring?


In all cases, please note that the choice of distance learning tool remains at the tutor’s discretion. Since the tutor is an expert in online tutoring, they will guide you before and throughout your session.


Adaptation time for online courses


To conclude, it is important to allow yourself a period of adaptation as in everything else. Keep in mind that even when your tutor provides services at home, the learner and teacher are initially strangers who develop a partnership and a trusting relationship over time. Today’s youth are born with the Internet and social networks: online tutoring is a much more viable option for them than for you, the parents, who might be a bit more concerned about it. We encourage you to help your child propel themselves through their academic challenges to a promising future!


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