SOSteacher Rates

When using the professional services of our tutors, your child is given the opportunity to succeed and the motivation to do better. Depending on the grade level of your child, the weekly average ranges between one and two hours. If your child needs temporary homework assistance during a peak period (e.g. exams), we recommend tutoring sessions of at least one hour and a half. That way, he/she will be able to do a complete review by tapping into his/her prior knowledge and by reinforcing his/her current learning.




College and pre-university students


Ideal for homework help with elementary students




Specialized studies in the field requiring a tutor, with college or mostly university-level studies


Ideal for homework help, remedial work, exam preparation.




Legally certified teachers, graduate level university students and above;


Ideal for learning challenges, special needs, students in grade 10 and up. These are our most experienced tutors. You will rarely find them elsewhere, they love working at SOSteacher.

*The only rate for college (Grade 12) and university students

The best rate

Benefit from the BEST RATE at all times, regardless of the number of sessions;

Refundable medical expense supplement based on a prescription from a practitioner in Canada (validate with your provincial authorities);

Service EXEMPTED from TWO government TAXES;

Refundable medical expense supplement based on a prescription from a practitioner in Canada (validate with your provincial authorities);

TAX CREDIT (validate with your provincial authorities );

Various discounts from our partners.

Your child will benefit from a significant increase in motivation and confidence in addition to seeing an improvement in organizational skills, methodology.

Academic achievement is priceless

It guarantees a promising FUTURE!

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Rigorous follow-up

We will follow your request throughout all the steps to ensure COMPLIANCE and the QUALITY of services. Did you know that ONE HOUR of tutoring is equivalent to THREE HOURS of classroom instruction?

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Math tutor

I find that you respect your tutors a lot and I really appreciate that. You feel valued and I think that SOSprof should be a model for other companies of the same kind.

Alexis, Computer Engineering student Math tutor at SOSteacher


Tutor since 2016

Thank you so much for the honor you gave me for the Best Tutor Award. It will remain in my memory forever.

Marianne, Tutor since 2016


French tutor

What a delight it is to see your child enjoy reading! Thanks to Alyson, Beatrice has made remarkable progress.

Julie, Beatrice’s mother Grade 4


Elementary school teacher

My daughter has been followed weekly by Marie-Ève since the beginning of the school year and her results have jumped dramatically! We can’t do without her anymore!

Chantal, Laurie’s mother Grade 2


Student in Psychology

Katherine has developed an incredible bond with Maxime, my son who is diagnosed with ADHD. She helps him meet his academic challenges with flying colors and he is much more confident now that he is experiencing academic success.

Caroline, Maxime’s mother Secondary 2


Engineer and Math tutor

Our son, who is studying sports at the competitive level, has been lucky enough to be accompanied by Yacine in his academic path. Without his help, we could not have undertaken this dream.

Sebastien, Samuel’s father Secondary 4