A few testimonials from our valued clients


It’s a perfect match between my daughter and the tutor chosen for her. As of the first meeting, Rosaline was able to build a bond of trust. My daughter, Béatrice, likes her, the work they do together, and most of all, the tools she provides. Béatrice has already greatly improved her results in French. We are really happy. It is a A+++!”

Caroline D., Sherbrooke


“I just wanted to say thank you for having introduced Christine, my sons’ mathematics tutor, to us. After only a few weeks, tangible results are observable. The boys’ marks gradually increased from 50% to 60%, and even to 77% for the last exam. A little extra help from a dedicated and hardworking tutor really makes the difference!”

Martine C., Trois-Rivières


“Ever since Yoan started 1st grade, we had trouble with homework. Now that Shany spends an hour each week with him, we’ve seen his motivation improve a lot. At last, he successfully passes his French tests!”

Carl O., Mirabel


“Alexandra came to our house with some well-prepared material. She knew what to work on because my daughter’s teacher had given us information. My daughter likes her a lot!”

Sylvie D., Sherbrooke, Quebec


“My daughter Laurie, who is in 6th grade, receives help from Marie-Ève on a weekly basis since the beginning of the school year, and her grades have greatly improved. We couldn’t do without her anymore!”

Chantal B., Blainville, Quebec


“I never thought I would like maths and that my performance at school would improve so quickly. Thank you Vincent, you’re the best!”

William G., Montreal, Quebec


“Katherine has developed a strong bond with my son Maxime, who has been diagnosed with ADHD. She helps him to take on challenges, and he now feels much more self-confident, because he succeeds in school.”

Caroline C., Quebec City, Quebec


“I used the services of SOSteacher twice, and frankly, I take my hat off to this dedicated team and their qualified, accessible, and attentive tutors.”

Yasmina G., Laval, Quebec


“Julie is the most motivating and captivating teacher my son has ever had! He is very focused and calm with her. He enjoys going to school again!”

Dolores J., Gatineau, Quebec


“Julien knows how to make learning fun and interesting. My son, Samuel, is always looking forward to meeting with him.”

Éric T., Montreal


“Homework always seems easier with the help of Marie-Émilie. She gives me clear explanations that I reuse in class.”

Coralie C., Vaudreuil, Quebec


“Félix needed a tutor for grade 11 mathematics. He had to do homeschooling after a bicycle accident. Arnaud was always available and my son obtained very good marks.”

Brigitte T., Ste-Thérèse, Quebec