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Our chemistry tutors proudly help students overcome their difficulties. We have the private chemistry tutor you need. Our tutors are prepared to support students of all grades in improving their academic performance through our chemistry tutoring. A student who experiences small academic successes, whether in elementary, high school, or college, will have a much better outlook on his or her future and will have the motivation to persevere with their studies. This same motivation is the key to success in tutoring and our tutors can act as a lever in each student’s life so that they see themselves triumphing in their studies.

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The chemistry tutor will accompany the student in his progress and difficulties. The tutor will help the student develop his or her own learning strategies that will help him or her evolve. The tutor may also ask a member of the SOSprof team to refer you to a specialist who will diagnose an underlying learning disability (dyslexia, dysorthography, lexical access problems, etc.) if necessary.

Groupe 120

Why learn chemistry?

Learning chemistry is essential for understanding the properties, composition, and behavior of matter. It provides a fundamental understanding of the world around us, from the air we breathe to the food we eat. Chemistry plays a crucial role in fields such as medicine, agriculture, and environmental science, as well as in the development of new materials and technologies. By studying chemistry, we learn how to analyze and interpret data, think critically, and solve complex problems. It also helps us understand and appreciate the impact of chemistry on our daily lives, from the products we use to the environment we live in. In short, learning chemistry is essential for developing a scientific mindset and for making informed decisions about the world around us.

Why choosing online tutoring?

How does an online chemistry tutoring session work?


Student chooses a quiet location that is conducive to learning

  1. Easy and quick opening of the virtual session
  2. Contact with tutor and review of school day
  3. Reminder of the objectives to be achieved today in English
  4. Completion of lessons and exercises
  5. Tutor highlights student’s strengths and successes during the session
  6. Determine objectives for the next tutoring session

Certified chemistry tutors, motivated students, reassured parents

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