Tutoring for student athletes

Our young athletes devote a great amount of time to their favourite sport. It goes without saying that their sport also involves matches, travel and various related activities, which keep them very busy. Did you know there are school tutoring programs for student athletes? This way, they can continue to practice their sports activities and maintain good grades at school. Moreover, tutors can offer extra support in problem subjects to ensure that young athletes don’t fall behind.


In Quebec, there are more than 600 sports-study programs across the province. For several years now, tutoring programs have been conducting more and more matches between student-athletes and tutors. These programs have been put in place to meet the growing demand. Typically, for such tutoring, each year, from mid-October to mid-April, tutors meet with a student-athlete on a weekly basis. The meeting usually lasts a minimum of one hour each week. The tutor chosen to help the student is made aware of the place sport occupies in the student’s life and that his or her schedule differs from that of other students.


Before starting the tutoring itself with the student, he or she is also advised of the subject(s) that will be worked on in the one-on-one tutoring.  During the year, the tutor is committed to helping the student complete homework assignments and helping the student understand the material seen in class. The chosen tutor also seeks to help the student improve work methods and prepare for exams.  Regular communication between the teacher, the tutor and the parents also contributes to the student’s success.


The experience of SOSteacher tutors


At SOSteacher, qualified tutors trained in teaching are recognized by schools for their skills. The tutoring schedules offered are flexible, allowing the student to enjoy versatility in terms of sessions, depending on his sport. In addition, coaching is personalized, with the student-athlete’s tutor completing a comprehensive follow-up report, which is completed after a predetermined number of hours of tutoring. The student’s parent and teacher are therefore constantly informed of the student’s progress. During the school year, the student-athlete is in good hands with an experienced tutor who adjusts to the student’s schedule according to his or her sport. At the end of the school year, the tutor can also prepare a review for exams. And, once the school year is over, the tutoring can of course continue to make sure the student continues learning and does not forget any of the knowledge taught.


A great way to encourage students to succeed in school while practicing their favourite sport!


Article written by Elise Leclerc