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Our math tutors proudly help students overcome their difficulties. We have the private math tutor you need. Our tutors are prepared to support students of all grades in improving their academic performance through our math tutoring. A student who experiences small academic successes, whether in elementary, high school, or college, will have a much better outlook on his or her future and will have the motivation to persevere with their studies. This same motivation is the key to success in tutoring and our tutors can act as a lever in each student’s life so that they see themselves triumphing in their studies.

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The Math tutor will support the student in his/her progress and difficulties. The tutor will help the student develop his or her own learning strategies that will help him or her progress. The tutor may also ask a member of the SOSprof team to refer you to a specialist who will be able to diagnose an underlying learning disability (dyslexia, dysorthographia, lexical access problems, etc.) if necessary.

The most common problems
in learning mathematics:

The first difficulty for which parents call us to get help from a math tutor is for the famous problem-solving. A considerable number of young people have difficulties with reading comprehension first and foremost. As a result, young people have difficulty transferring their knowledge, for example in arithmetic, and applying it to a text that needs to be understood. The student will have an overview of a problem by processing the information simultaneously, where they can choose the right transfer of learning in order to reinvest them, while others, in rarer cases, will unintentionally favor a sequential learning process, which is very detailed, without an overview or the possibility of transferring information from one context to another. Math tutoring will help consolidate and graft new math learning.This creates considerable pressure on the student, who will quickly become discouraged and whose level of anxiety will increase as soon as they are asked to solve a math problem situation. It is essential to call on a professional like one of our specialized math tutors before the situation worsens and the child loses confidence and motivation at school and during homework time.The tutor will be able to detect the problem and help your child develop their own strategies that will help them progress. They may also ask a member of the SOSprof team to refer you to a specialist who can diagnose an underlying learning disorder, such as dyscalculia.

Why choosing online tutoring?

How does an online Math tutoring session work?


Student chooses a quiet location that is conducive to learning

  1. Easy and quick opening of the virtual session
  2. Contact with tutor and review of school day
  3. Reminder of the objectives to be achieved today in English
  4. Completion of lessons and exercises
  5. Tutor highlights student’s strengths and successes during the session
  6. Determine objectives for the next tutoring session

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