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Tutoring services and homework help

Academic coaching, homework help and exam preparation

Tutoring sessions allow the student to catch up academically as well as achieve an academic level in line with the educational objectives prescribed by their current grade level, in accordance with the program of the Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sport.

Tutorat et aide aux devoirs SOSprof - SOSteacher tutoring and homework help
SOSprof Aide aux devoirs - SOSteacher Homework help

Remidial Teaching Services 2023

Do you need private remedial teacher to achieve better academic results?

If your child is experiencing persistent difficulties in school, such as trouble keeping up with lessons, understanding taught subjects, or if they have a diagnosed learning disorder like dyslexia or ADHD, they could greatly benefit from the support of a remedial teacher.

Tutorat et aide aux devoirs SOSprof - SOSteacher tutoring and homework help
SOSprof Scolarisation à la maison - SOSprof Home schooling

Home schooling

Accompanying you through this beautiful project

If you choose to homeschool your child, oversight from the Ministry of Education is required. A teaching resource from SOSprof can help you set goals to ensure the smooth progression of your child’s educational journey.

Tutorat et aide aux devoirs SOSprof - SOSteacher tutoring and homework help
SOSprof Cours d'été - SOSteacher Summer courses

Summer Courses 2023

Academic support for your child’s learning!

The summer class provides academic support for your child’s learning and reinforces it so that he or she can internalize it and be ready for the new school year. It is a review that helps organize and integrate the concepts learned in the classroom during the previous school year. It also allows the student to catch up on his or her schoolwork in order to pass an exam, with the help of a private teacher.

Tutorat et aide aux devoirs SOSprof - SOSteacher tutoring and homework help
SOSprof Tutorat scolaire pour les élèves-athlètes - SOSteacher Academic tutoring for student-athletes

Academic tutoring for student-athletes

Personalized tutoring to fit your student-athlete’s schedule..

Our student-athletes are taught according to variable schedules depending on the sport they play, the location and the level of sport they play. These young people all have one thing in common when it comes to their schooling: they must be very independent. SOSteacher offers personalized academic support by adapting to the subject matter, but more importantly, to the schedule of our student-athletes. The tutoring is done mainly at a distance, which allows us to follow our students all over the world!
Tutorat et aide aux devoirs SOSprof - SOSteacher tutoring and homework help
SOSprof Préparation à l’examen d’admission au secondaire - SOSteacher High school entrance exam preparation

Home schooling

5 to 6 tutoring sessions to well prepare your young teenager.

Our tutors specialized in this field prepare your youngster both psychologically and academically by putting them in a situation where they take a mock admission test similar to the one they will undergo for their enrollment in a private school.

Tutorat et aide aux devoirs SOSprof - SOSteacher tutoring and homework help
SOSprof Services spécialisés pour la famille - SOSprof Specialized family services

Specialized education services

Academic support for your child’s learning!

Fulfill your child’s potential with our specialized educational services. From speech therapy to occupational therapy and neuropsychology, our experts tailor strategies to overcome learning, sensory, emotional and cognitive difficulties. Discover a world of possibilities for your child’s success and well-being.

Tutorat et aide aux devoirs SOSprof - SOSteacher tutoring and homework help

French Tutoring

Tutorat et aide aux devoirs SOSprof - SOSteacher tutoring and homework help

Tutoring and Homework Help in French for all levels !

Our French tutors proudly help students overcome their difficulties. We have the private French tutor you need. Our tutors are prepared to support students of all grades in improving their academic performance through our French tutoring. A student who experiences small academic successes, whether in elementary, high school, or college, will have a much better outlook on his or her future and will have the motivation to persevere with their studies. This same motivation is the key to success in tutoring and our tutors can act as a lever in each student’s life so that they see themselves triumphing in their studies.

Tutorat et aide aux devoirs SOSprof - SOSteacher tutoring and homework help
Tutorat et aide aux devoirs SOSprof - SOSteacher tutoring and homework help

French exam preparation

Tutorat et aide aux devoirs SOSprof

Difficulty levels

College (Grade 12)

SOSteacher French tutoring by experts!

How can Frech tutoring help students who are falling behind?


Frech tutoring can help students who are lagging academically by allowing them to catch up on concepts they have missed or skimmed over too quickly. The tutor will work with them at their own pace, seeing key concepts and coaching them through their difficulties. This gives them a chance to fill in the gaps and regain their academic confidence.


What are the essentials of French at elementary school?

At the primary level, essential French skills include reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Students learn to read fluently, understand a variety of texts, and develop their vocabulary. Writing includes the ability to express ideas clearly in structured sentences, to use grammar and spelling correctly, and to develop a first approach to writing short texts. Listening and speaking skills are developed through classroom communication activities, enabling students to express themselves clearly and understand oral instructions.


What are the essential French skills for high school ?


In secondary school, French skills become more complex and deeper. Reading encompasses comprehension of longer, more complex texts, including literature. Writing develops into the production of a variety of texts: narrative, essays, arguments, etc. Mastery of grammar, syntax and vocabulary becomes more advanced. Oral skills include the ability to take part in debates, give clear, structured presentations, and analyze literary texts or documents.


What’s the difference between French tutoring and francization?


So, French tutoring aims to strengthen students’ French skills, focusing on reading, writing, listening, and speaking, according to the student’s specific needs. Francization, on the other hand, is aimed primarily at non-French speakers, and aims to teach them French as a second or foreign language, with an emphasis on acquiring the basic language skills for everyday communication and cultural integration.


How will French tutoring improve reading comprehension skills?


Reading comprehension coaching helps students develop effective reading strategies, such as prediction, questioning, clarification, and synthesis. A tutor can tailor sessions to meet the student’s specific difficulties, using texts adapted to their level and interests, making reading more engaging and improving comprehension.


Can a tutor work on writing in French, and if so, how?


Yes, a tutor can work on French writing by guiding the student through the writing process: planning, drafting, revising, and editing. The tutor can offer targeted exercises to improve grammar, spelling, and style, and encourage regular writing practice through creative activities and projects adapted to the student’s level.


Can the French tutor help my child prepare oral speeches?


Absolutely, a French tutor can help your child prepare oral speeches by working on speech structure, clarity of expression, pronunciation, and presentation techniques. Tutoring sessions can include simulations and constructive feedback to boost the student’s confidence and oratory skills.


How effective is French tutoring for learning to read?


French tutoring is very effective for learning to read because it offers a personalized approach that meets the student’s individual needs. By focusing on the student’s specific skills and interests, tutoring can quickly improve fluency, comprehension, and appreciation of the language.


Is online French tutoring as effective as home tutoring?


Certainly, online tutoring in French can be just as effective as home tutoring, and in some cases has additional benefits. Here are a few key points to consider:

  • Accessibility: Online tutoring offers great flexibility in terms of scheduling and location. Students can access tutoring sessions from anywhere, provided they have a stable Internet connection, which can facilitate organization and reduce travel time.


  • Technological resources: Online tutoring platforms often provide interactive and multimedia tools that can enrich the learning experience. For example, the use of virtual whiteboards, screen sharing, and online resources can make sessions more dynamic and interactive.


  • Tutor selection: With online tutoring, families have access to a wider variety of tutors, including specialists in specific areas of French, regardless of geographic location. This makes it possible to find a tutor who precisely matches the student’s needs and goals.


  • Comfort and learning environment: Some students feel more comfortable and are more willing to actively participate in their own environment. This can be particularly true for teenagers and introverted learners.


  • Digital skills development: Online tutoring enables students to develop digital skills essential in the modern age, such as online navigation, the use of digital educational tools, and virtual communication.



How much does French tutoring cost?


One-on-one tutoring rates are influenced by various key factors such as the tutor’s qualifications and experience, the mode of delivery (online or in-home tutoring), and the choice between an independent tutor and a tutoring company. Tutor qualifications and experience play a major role in determining costs, with more experienced and specialized professionals generally charging higher rates. Online tutoring tends to be more affordable due to the absence of travel costs, while in-home tutoring can incur additional costs. Tutoring companies offer additional services such as tutor certification and quality control, which may justify slightly higher rates. For more detailed information on our specific rates, please visit our individual tutoring rates page.

Develop French learning methodology and strategies

The French tutor will support the student in his/her progress and difficulties. The tutor will help the student develop his or her own learning strategies that will help him or her progress. The tutor may also ask a member of the SOSteacher team to refer you to a specialist who will be able to diagnose an underlying learning disability (dyslexia, dysorthographia, lexical access problems, etc.) if necessary. You can visit the Alloprof website to find a wealth of free resources in French.

Tutorat et aide aux devoirs SOSprof

The most common problems
in learning French that require the help of a French tutor:

A majority of parents contact us for difficulties related to reading comprehension . Indeed, it is not because a pupil does not have difficulty with reading that he understands what he reads. The problem then has repercussions on other subjects, particularly with problem solving in mathematics. 

Another common problem is frequently observed when learning to read in kindergarten or Grade 1: recognition of letters, syllables, phonemes .   

We observe this difficulty very easily since the youngster is delayed in his  reading fluency , writing words and handwriting.  

This creates considerable pressure on the young student, who will be very quickly discouraged and for whom the level of anxiety will increase as soon as he is asked to read aloud. It is essential to call upon a professional like one of our specialized tutors in French in elementary school before the situation worsens and the child loses his self-confidence as well as his motivation at school and during the homework period at home. 

The tutor will be able to detect the problem and will help your youngster to develop his own reading strategies that will make him evolve. He may also ask a member of the SOSteacher team to refer you to a specialist who will be able to diagnose an underlying learning disability (dyslexia, dysorthography, problem with lexical access, etc.)  

Why choosing French tutoring?

How does an online French tutoring session work?


Student chooses a quiet location that is conducive to learning

  1. Easy and quick opening of the virtual session
  2. Contact with tutor and review of school day
  3. Reminder of the objectives to be achieved today in English
  4. Completion of lessons and exercises
  5. Tutor highlights student’s strengths and successes during the session
  6. Determine objectives for the next tutoring session

Certified French tutors, motivated students, reassured parents

French tutors available 7 days a week

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Tutorat et aide aux devoirs SOSprof

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