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Your tutor, selected with GREAT CARE according to rigorous criteria (studies, experiences, attendance), WILL COMMUNICATE with you to discuss your goals for academic success.

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We will follow your request throughout all the steps to ensure COMPLIANCE and the QUALITY of services. Did you know that ONE HOUR of tutoring is equivalent to THREE HOURS of classroom instruction?

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With SOSteacher, there is no contract to sign and the service is guaranteed or money back!
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Did you know that SOSteacher has won the most prestigious Canadian award that a company dreams of obtaining, the CONSUMER’S CHOICE Companies and clients have selected us in the TUTORING category for 2020, 2021 and 2022. We are very proud of the SOSteacher community. You are in good hands!

We work 24/7 to find the right tutor for you!

The advantage of individual private lessons offered by SOSteacher

How to choose the right tutoring service? The private lessons offered by SOSteacher are very advantageous compared to small group lessons:

  • Flexible schedule that fits your schedule;
  • You select your tutor through our personalized and diversified teaching resources;
  • Very quick and efficient targeting of your child’s particular needs (where he/she is in his/her learning process)
  • Your child will not have to adapt to a new group, reducing anxiety;
  • You get immediate feedback from your tutor;
  • No time is wasted in managing a group and the pace of learning for each individual, private lessons allow you to see results 3 times faster.

Our Rates

Why pay the SAME RATE for SUCH DIFFERENT services?


At SOSteacher, we offer a range of price options, depending on the service (type of tutor) you need. Here is our way of REVOLUTIONIZING the WORLD of tutoring!
All our rates include access to your personalized online account and lifetime registration to SOSteacher!


35$/h | ONLINE

Tutors, studying at the college level (Quebec) or grade 12 (in Canada), are selected based on the excellence of their academic record.


42$/h | ONLINE

Tutors who have completed specialized studies in the field being taught and who have a technical DEC (Quebec) or university-level studies


50$/h | ONLINE

Les tuteurs ont complété un brevet en enseignement ou/et étudient au 2e ou 3e cycle universitaire dans un domaine spécialisé.

Your child will benefit from a significant increase in motivation and confidence in addition to seeing an improvement in organizational skills, methodology.

The best rate

  • Benefit from the BEST RATE at all times, regardless of the number of sessions;
  • ONE HOUR of tutoring is equivalent to THREE HOURS of classroom instruction;
  • Refundable medical expense supplement based on a prescription from a practitioner in Canada (validate with your provincial authorities);
  • TAX CREDIT (validate with your provincial authorities );
  • Service EXEMPTED from TWO government TAXES;
  • Various discounts from our partners.

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