Here is the essential information to join our home tutoring services


  • WHY? By choosing SOSteacher, you get first-class quality services. All our tutors are experienced. It is what SETS US APART and has helped us create our SOLID REPUTATION.


  • Did you know that one hour of individual tutoring equals three hours of classroom teaching?


  • NO signed contract.


  • WHERE: Mainly at your home or live online.


  • WHEN: Weekday evenings and weekends.


  • RATE: $37/h (online) and $42/h (with a receipt provided) + registration fee of $24.99 IF we find a tutor for you.





  • FREQUENCY: YOU decide on the frequency of the tutoring sessions. Your tutor will advise you on that matter after meeting with your child. USUALLY, we recommend a weekly 1‑hour session for primary school children (1st and 2nd cycle) and a 1.5 to 2 hours session for higher level students. This depends on your child’s ability to stay focused, the subject to work on and your budget.


  • YOUR TUTOR’S PROFILE: We will provide you with your tutor’s profile, detailing his/her experience and academic background.


  • FILL OUT AN APPLICATION: . Once we will have received the completed forms (registration and banking information), we will begin our search, which requires from 1 to 5 business days.

An interesting article to read before your child’s first tutoring session:

*If we cannot find you a tutor, we will not charge any fees for the processing of your application.