Online Summer Courses – Exam Make-Ups

Our online summer courses follow you  everywhere!   Recognized by the Ministry of Education through our partnership with ÉtudeSecours



Whether you live in a more remote region or simply wish to remain in the comfort of your own home, SOSteacher offers you a personalized online course service by one of our tutors specialized in distanced education. The summer period is a good time to use personalized online summer courses to consolidate your learning from the year that has just ended. Now is the time to review the concepts learned to validate that they are firmly integrated into your content knowledge or to prepare for the  retake of a Ministry exam. It is also a good time to update or simply to catch up on school for the beginning of the school year. We offer online summer courses in several subjects, mainly in mathematics, French, English and science for the following levels: elementary, secondary, college and university.    


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 Our summer courses are accepted at most public and private schools. We will give you, upon request, an official certificate indicating the number of hours of lessons, as well as the objectives achieved according to the program of the Ministry.  Generally, a minimum of 20 hours of lessons are required for summer courses. We therefore invite you to communicate with your school in order to validate the number of hours to be completed in individual tutoring at SOSteacher to replace the group course. We prepare our students to retake secondary exams.     


Ministry exams: what you need to know as a parent. 


Online summer courses  are  for students who:    


  • Want to improve their knowledge through revision;
  • Have experienced academic difficulties during the previous school year;
  • Arehome schooled ;  
  • Find themselves with a failing grade; 
  • Must retake an examination during the summer; 
  • Prepare for the high school entrance exam;  


…but also: 

  • Students who have a minimal base in technology and who are comfortable with the Internet; 
  • Customers who do not benefit from a quality home tutoring service in their region;
  • Families with planned vacations as well as separated parents where services must be offered in more than one location; 
  • Young people of today who are used to technology as well as virtual meetings. This is the case for our professionals in texting, Facetime, Messenger, etc.. Online tutoring is popular with students fascinated by technological advances; today’s generation! 


 MINISTRY RECOGNIZED COURSES AND EVALUATIONS – fully flexible turnkey program 

We offer the possibility of taking a ministry-recognized asynchronous course with the collaboration of our partner ÉtudeSecours. Contact us to find out more.

How do the online sessionswork? 


Online tutoring sessions differ particularly in preparation. Before the online course, sending the exercises and the content of the session is the key to success. You can do this by email or SMS to help your tutor prepare properly. Amazingly simple! These SMS (photos) can be sent during the online tutoring session to add additional content. A digital workbook will be strongly suggested.   


What should I have in order to maximize results? 


Ideally a highspeed Internet connection, if possible. Since live video requires a large amount of bandwidth, the more efficient the connection, the more you will avoid technical problems. 


What tools or software are used for online tutoring? 


  • Our interactive whiteboard which allows the recording of the session notes in PDF format; 
  • Several of our tutors opt for Skype , which allows screen sharing among other functions and which is very stable, user-friendly and efficient;  
  • Other software or websites are just as powerful, such asZoom or Hangouts.    


Recommended review books (click here)  


Also, available online, at all good bookstores, Costco, Walmart and more: 

This collection follows the progression of learning according to school levels; it offers challenging tests as well as a final exam. Our tutors will be able to browse these exercise books with the student in order to support them in their progress, correct their work and do assessments that you can submit to your school. Buy it now! 




“Katherine has developed an incredible bond with Maxime, my son who is diagnosed with ADHD. She helps him meet his academic goals with flying colors and he has a lot more confidence in him now that he is succeeding academically. “   

Caroline C., Quebec, Quebec 


Our online summer courses available 7 days a week: 

  • School catch-up 
  • Help with homework
  • Tutoring 
  • Preparation for the entrance exam of private schools 
  • Update for parents 


 SOSteacher  is:   

  • A dynamic team that listens and understands your needs. 
  • Accredited tutors carefully selected based on their experience with young people, their specialized academic background, their passion for teaching and their security clearance (based on a background check); 
  • Fast, affordable and secure service. 




Accredited tutors, motivated students, reassured parents!