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Whether it’s preschool, elementary, high school, college or the preparation of entrance exams for private schools, we have the tutor you need to improve the academic performance of your youngster through our math courses.  A young person who experiences small successes will have a much better perspective on his future and he will have the motivation to persevere in his studies. This same motivation is the key to success in tutoring, and our tutors can serve as a catalyst in the life of your youngster so that he sees himself triumph in his studies.    


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«  Felix needed a tutor at home in secondary 5 mathematics after a bike accident.  Arnaud was always available and my son passed his math with excellent marks. «       

Brigitte T., Ste-Thérèse, Quebec 



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The first difficulty that parents call us to get help with in math homework is the famous problem solving .  A considerable number of young people find it difficult to understand reading first and foremost. Consequently, young people have difficulty transferring their knowledge, for example in arithmetic, and applying it to a text that needs to be understood.   

Most of the time, young people will build an overview of a math problem by processing information simultaneously, when they read, understand, and calculate math at the same time, allowing the correct transfer of learning for an eventual reinvestment of knowledge.  Other children, in rarer cases, favour a sequential learning process, without an overview of the problem, or without the possibility of transferring information from one context to another. 

This creates considerable pressure on the student, who will be very quickly discouraged and for whom the level of anxiety will increase as soon as he is asked to solve a situational problem in mathematics. It is essential to call on a professional like one of our specialized mathematics tutors before the situation worsens and the child loses his self-confidence as well as his motivation at school and for doing homework.

The tutor will be able to detect the problem and will help your youngster to develop his own strategies that will allow him to evolve. They may also ask a member of the SOSteacher team to refer you to a specialist who can diagnose an underlying learning disability, for example, dyscalculia .  



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«  I never thought I could love math and improve my academic performance so quickly thanks to the best tutor! » Thank you Vincent!  »   

William G., Montreal, Quebec 



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