Nanny Rescue

We all want to live in a family environment that is caring, respectful, soothing, fun and full of love. Nanny Secours offers a family coaching service online and at home to assist you in your daily family challenges so that a climate can reign where all members will evolve in a healthy synergy that they will have created together.



 The FOUNDER of Nanny Secours

“It all started in 2006 when the founder, Hélène Fagnan, realized that she was regularly advising the parents around her in their educational choices by giving them realistic and practical tips. These “advice” discussions literally transported her and what stimulated her the most was to witness the positive results expected. It was then that she realized that her background in intervention could really help.



That’s how Nanny Help was born! In 2011, we decided to go even further in our great desire for the well-being of families by creating this educational content site as well as the first grouping of family coaches in the French-speaking world. We created the Nanny Rescue Network by grouping together family coaches, so that you can easily find your “Super Nanny” version in Quebec!” – Nanny Secours



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Free content for parents

Directory of family coaches and qualified caregivers

Remote consultation by phone or videoconference

Workshops, conferences and trainings for children, parents or caregivers, online or in person, on various topics

Concrete educational tools to help families in their daily lives available in our online store