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Tutoring services and homework help

Academic coaching, homework help and exam preparation

Tutoring sessions allow the student to catch up academically as well as achieve an academic level in line with the educational objectives prescribed by their current grade level, in accordance with the program of the Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sport.

Tutorat et aide aux devoirs SOSprof - SOSteacher tutoring and homework help
SOSprof Aide aux devoirs - SOSteacher Homework help

Remidial Teaching Services 2023

Do you need private remedial teacher to achieve better academic results?

If your child is experiencing persistent difficulties in school, such as trouble keeping up with lessons, understanding taught subjects, or if they have a diagnosed learning disorder like dyslexia or ADHD, they could greatly benefit from the support of a remedial teacher.

Tutorat et aide aux devoirs SOSprof - SOSteacher tutoring and homework help
SOSprof Scolarisation à la maison - SOSprof Home schooling

Home schooling

Accompanying you through this beautiful project

If you choose to homeschool your child, oversight from the Ministry of Education is required. A teaching resource from SOSprof can help you set goals to ensure the smooth progression of your child’s educational journey.

Tutorat et aide aux devoirs SOSprof - SOSteacher tutoring and homework help
SOSprof Cours d'été - SOSteacher Summer courses

Summer Courses 2023

Academic support for your child’s learning!

The summer class provides academic support for your child’s learning and reinforces it so that he or she can internalize it and be ready for the new school year. It is a review that helps organize and integrate the concepts learned in the classroom during the previous school year. It also allows the student to catch up on his or her schoolwork in order to pass an exam, with the help of a private teacher.

Tutorat et aide aux devoirs SOSprof - SOSteacher tutoring and homework help
SOSprof Tutorat scolaire pour les élèves-athlètes - SOSteacher Academic tutoring for student-athletes

Academic tutoring for student-athletes

Personalized tutoring to fit your student-athlete’s schedule..

Our student-athletes are taught according to variable schedules depending on the sport they play, the location and the level of sport they play. These young people all have one thing in common when it comes to their schooling: they must be very independent. SOSteacher offers personalized academic support by adapting to the subject matter, but more importantly, to the schedule of our student-athletes. The tutoring is done mainly at a distance, which allows us to follow our students all over the world!
Tutorat et aide aux devoirs SOSprof - SOSteacher tutoring and homework help
SOSprof Préparation à l’examen d’admission au secondaire - SOSteacher High school entrance exam preparation

Home schooling

5 to 6 tutoring sessions to well prepare your young teenager.

Our tutors specialized in this field prepare your youngster both psychologically and academically by putting them in a situation where they take a mock admission test similar to the one they will undergo for their enrollment in a private school.

Tutorat et aide aux devoirs SOSprof - SOSteacher tutoring and homework help
SOSprof Services spécialisés pour la famille - SOSprof Specialized family services

Specialized education services

Academic support for your child’s learning!

Fulfill your child’s potential with our specialized educational services. From speech therapy to occupational therapy and neuropsychology, our experts tailor strategies to overcome learning, sensory, emotional and cognitive difficulties. Discover a world of possibilities for your child’s success and well-being.

Tutorat et aide aux devoirs SOSprof - SOSteacher tutoring and homework help

High school tutoring

high school tutoring, SOSprof

Maximize your youngster's academic success with our high school tutoring service. Unleash his or her full potential today!

Adolescence is a pivotal time when identity, self-confidence and future ambitions are forged. High school plays a key role in this transformation. The knowledge acquired, the ability to think critically and the development of social and emotional skills are essential. That’s why our high school tutoring service is specifically designed to meet these challenges, supporting every young person on their academic and personal journey.

Finally, we are determined to be key partners in the student’s academic development, as well as the well-being of his or her family.

It’s a well-known fact that each stage of education builds on the previous one, and secondary school is no exception. If the elementary years lay the foundations, high school is the time when those foundations are tested, enriched and expanded. Our high school tutoring service takes this transition into account. It ensures that teenagers not only consolidate what they’ve learned, but also develop the new and advanced skills they need to excel. With us, every young person finds the support, motivation and resources they need to unlock their full potential.

High school tutoring - Academic upgrading

high school tutoring, SOSprof

High school tutor: a pillar of academic success

The role of the high school tutor is decisive in the educational journey of adolescents. A tailor-made approach is essential to target and fill the gaps specific to this transition period. Research shows that students who benefit from personalized tutoring in high school see a significant improvement in their academic results.

What’s more, the right kind of support reinforces what has been learned in core subjects and in new subjects introduced at this level.  This boosts students’ self-confidence and independence. Investing in appropriate tutoring at secondary level can therefore be crucial in maximizing learning opportunities and personal development for teenagers.

Beyond their educational role, high school tutors are invaluable partners for families. By offering individualized support, they alleviate the parents’ responsibility for supervising homework and schoolwork. Finally, this collaboration enriches the educational dynamic between the student, his or her family and the educational institution, creating a framework conducive to the young person’s academic and personal development.

high school tutoring, SOSprof

Our personalized approach to high school homework help and tutoring

Why is high school tutoring so important?

High school tutoring goes far beyond simple homework assistance. It’s a fundamental investment in a teenager’s overall development, including the development of essential interpersonal skills (soft skills). Right from the start of secondary school, young people begin to hone their cognitive, social and emotional skills. That’s why it’s so important to provide robust support at this pivotal stage in their lives.


So, with personalized support in high school, teens not only learn to navigate through academic challenges, but also gain confidence and resilience. These qualities are indispensable for life. Tailor-made tutoring at this key level identifies and builds on each student’s strengths.


It also addresses their difficulties in a constructive way. High school tutoring is designed to unlock and maximize each young person’s potential. It’s designed to help young people discover their genius, their passions, their natural strengths in this time of self-discovery.

Our tailor-made methodology for high school tutoring

Every teenager is unique, with his or her own talents and challenges. Our community of certified high school tutors embraces this diversity through a customized methodology. As a result, we develop customized tutoring programs, aimed precisely at each student’s needs. Our proven and effective teaching methods guarantee active participation and better assimilation of knowledge.


Finally, in close collaboration with teachers, we ensure perfect harmony between academic learning and our tutoring sessions. All this, in line with official secondary school curricula.

Essential skills for high school

Excellence in high school French

Our high school French tutoring program, which covers up to Grade 5, focuses on deepening comprehension and analysis of literary and non-literary texts. It also covers the mastery of advanced writing techniques and the improvement of oral skills. In addition, we integrate in-depth study of literature, including literary trends, figures of speech and analysis of a variety of texts. The aim is to hone the students’ critical and interpretative skills.

Writing, for its part, covers advanced exercises such as the critical essay, the commentary and creative writing. In oral communication, we reinforce debate, presentation and argumentation techniques. Finally, the aim is to prepare students to express themselves with ease, structure their thoughts coherently and succeed with excellence in their studies and beyond. We also offer courses in French as a foreign language and francization.

Here’s a must-have resource to learn more about high school French.

Mastering high school mathematics

We approach mathematics by focusing on key concepts such as algebra, geometry, statistics and probability. Through interactive methods, we reinforce understanding of theorems and complex problem solving, encouraging a logical approach and critical thinking.

Special emphasis is also placed on problem solving to encourage the practical application of mathematical concepts. Our approach aims to build students’ confidence and independence in mathematics, aligning our support with official curricula.

Secondary 4 Mathematics

For the secondary 4 math program, our tutoring focuses on key areas such as advanced algebra, functions, trigonometry, analytical geometry and statistics. As a result, we delve into the notions of equations and inequations, and explore various types of functions (linear, quadratic, exponential). We also introduce trigonometry to calculate angles and lengths in triangles.

Analytical geometry enables students to understand the relationships between geometric figures and coordinates, while advanced statistics introduce the concepts of probabilities and distributions. Finally, our aim is to prepare students to apply these mathematical concepts in a variety of contexts, while strengthening their ability to reason and solve complex problems.

Here’s a must-have resource to learn more about Secondary 4 math in high school.

Secondary 5 Mathematics

Our secondary 5 math tutoring program is designed to address advanced concepts and prepare students for future academic challenges. As such, we cover essential areas such as advanced functions, including polynomial, exponential and logarithmic functions, as well as sequences and series. In trigonometry, we deepen our knowledge of trigonometric functions and their applications.

In addition, vector and analytic geometry is also explored to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of vectors and their use in space. Statistics and probability are covered, with a particular focus on probability distributions and statistical analysis. Our approach aims to strengthen students’ analytical and problem-solving skills, effectively preparing them for post-secondary education and beyond.

Here’s a must-have resource to learn more about Secondary 5 math in high school.

English as a second language

For high school English tutoring, our program targets key concepts in line with the Quebec curriculum. We focus on several essential aspects of the English language, such as grammar (passive voice, complex verb tenses, conditional, modal structures), vocabulary (advanced terms in various fields), reading comprehension (analysis of articles, essays, literary works), written expression (writing persuasive essays, formal letters, etc.), oral expression (presentations, debates, discussions), and English-speaking culture.

In short, our high school English tutoring program aims to provide students with the linguistic and cultural skills they need to succeed in an increasingly interconnected and diverse world.

Exploring high school science

Our high school science tutoring program covers a wide range of topics essential for a comprehensive understanding of the natural sciences. We cover key areas such as biology, where we explore living systems and how they interact. Also, we cover chemistry, with a focus on chemical reactions and the composition of matter. Finally, we discover physics, where we examine the fundamental laws governing physical phenomena, and astronomy, for an understanding of the universe and its phenomena.

Finally, we aim to equip students with the tools they need to analyze scientific problems, formulate hypotheses, and apply scientific methods to explore and understand the world around us.

High school History

Our high school history tutoring program, particularly in Grade 4, focus on in-depth exploration of key historical periods and major events that have shaped the world. In addition, we cover such varied themes as the history of Quebec and Canada, the Great Discoveries, the Industrial Revolution, world conflicts, and significant social and political movements.

Through the analysis of historical documents, critical discussion and the application of historical concepts, students develop a nuanced understanding of the causes and consequences of events, as well as the links between the past and the present. Ultimately, our goal is to cultivate in students a capacity for historical thinking, critical analysis and an appreciation of diverse historical perspectives, preparing them to become informed and reflective citizens.

Why choose online tutoring?

How does an online high school tutoring session work?


The student chooses a quiet place conducive to learning

  1. Quick and easy opening of the virtual session
  2. Contact with tutor and review of the school day
  3. Reminder of today’s objectives in English
  4. Completion of lessons and exercises
  5. Tutor highlights the student’s strengths and strengths during the session
  6. Set objectives for next tutoring session

High school success story

Yasmina, a bright 16-year-old student, had set her sights on entering a natural science program at college. However, despite her best efforts, her grades in enriched mathematics were not up to the standards required to achieve her goal. So her parents, aware of the importance of this subject for her future, decided to provide her with extra support by calling on our high school math tutoring service.

The challenge

When we first met Yasmina, it was clear that she was discouraged by her math results. The complex concepts seemed insurmountable, and she feared she wouldn’t be able to fulfill her dream of studying science. Her parents were concerned about her lack of self-confidence and growing stress in this crucial subject.

Our approach

We began by assessing Yasmina’s specific math deficiencies and developing a customized tutoring plan. Drawing on key concepts from the Secondary 4 curriculum, we used interactive methods and concrete examples to make abstract notions more accessible to Sarah. We also emphasized regular practice and problem-solving to reinforce her understanding and confidence in her mathematical skills.

The change

As the tutoring sessions progressed, Yasmina gradually gained in confidence and competence. Concepts that once seemed obscure became clearer, and she began to approach mathematical problems with less anxiety. She and her tutor developed a strong working relationship based on trust and mutual support, which helped boost her self-esteem and motivation.

The success story

After several months of intensive tutoring, Yasmina’s progress was remarkable. Her math grades had risen considerably, reaching a level that matched the requirements of her natural science program. Her teachers praised her determination and effort, and her parents were proud to see how well she had overcome the obstacles standing in her way.

In conclusion

Finally, Yasmina is an inspiring example of how high school math tutoring can transform a student’s life. Thanks to her commitment and the dedicated support of her tutor, she not only overcame the math challenge, but also boosted her self-confidence and ambition for the future. Her success is a source of pride for her family, and tangible proof of the positive impact of tutoring on students’ lives.

Certified high school tutors, motivated students, reassured parents

High school tutoring available 7 days a week

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FAQ for high school tutor services:

How much does high school tutoring cost?

High school tutoring rates are influenced by various key factors such as the tutor’s qualifications and experience, the mode of delivery (online or in-home tutoring), and the choice between an independent tutor and a tutoring company. In addition, the tutor’s qualifications and experience play a major role in determining costs, with more experienced and specialized professionals generally charging higher rates.  For more detailed information on our specific rates, please visit our individual tutoring rates page.

How do I choose my high school tutoring service?

To choose the right high school tutoring service, it’s important to understand the differences between the types of services offered, such as homework help, remedial education and tutoring. Each service meets specific needs. For example, homework help is for students who are doing well overall, but need occasional support, while remedial tutoring is for students with significant gaps in certain subjects.

Tutoring therefore combines both aspects. It’s also crucial to consider the student’s specific learning challenges and choose a service that offers a personalized, tailored approach. For more details, you can read the full article on the SOSteacher website here.

How long will my child need tutoring in high school?

Since its inception, SOSteacher has tutored over 20,000 students, with an average of 16 tutoring sessions over six months. The length of time required for your child’s high school tutoring depends on several factors unique to his or her educational background and specific needs.

Thus, there is no universal answer, but different types of tutoring can be used as a basis for estimating duration. For example, homework support could be a continuous weekly session throughout the school year, while remedial tutoring usually ends once significant progress is observed. For more general needs, long-term support may be required.

Finally, revision before exams may require just a few concentrated sessions. The key is to regularly assess the student’s progress and adjust the duration of tutoring accordingly. Regular attendance is also crucial to maximize the benefits of tutoring. To find out more, we invite you to read this article.