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Looking for a tutor in Gatineau? It’s easy! SOSteacher is the leader in homework help and tutoring services in Gatineau, whether at the primary, secondary or college level. We are already helping many students in achieving their academic goals in the Gatineau region. Our tutors are specialists in their field and they know how to meet the academic needs of your child. Tutoring is mainly in the core subjects of mathematics, French, English or science.

SOSteacher offers homework help and tutoring services in Gatineau in several subjects.

Who are our students?

Our clientele is very diverse. Whether it is for temporary difficulties, reinforcing current knowledge for an eventual exam, or supporting a student who has trouble learning or a specific learning disability, we have the right tutor for you in Gatineau. Individualized teaching is an approach that has always proven its effectiveness; worth the commitment, long term or short term, no matter the obstacles.


Using tutoring services in Gatineau: it's about opting for your child's academic success!

“I never thought I could love math and improve my academic performance so quickly with the best tutor! Thank you, Vincent! »

-William G., Montreal, Quebec

“Julie is the most motivating and captivating teacher my son has ever had! He is very attentive and calm around her; he loves school again! “

-Dolores J, Gatineau, Quebec

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