Seek the services of an occupational therapist:

The occupational therapist’s role is to support the person in their daily routine. His or her expertise allows him or her to identify the difficulties that cause dysfunction and to find strategies to remedy them. The clientele and the problems are varied, ranging from children who have difficulty writing to those who are constantly on the move and have difficulty sitting still, to children who cannot ride a two-wheeled bicycle.

– Nathalie Dinelle,          occupational therapist

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Children’s option: occupational therapy consulting (North and South Shores of Montreal and the Outaouais)

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Nathalie Dinelle, occupational therapist

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Mélanie Allard-Caméus, occupational therapist

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Occupational Therapy for Children (North and South Shores of Montreal and the Outaouais)

Multidisciplinary team (speech therapist, occupational therapist and psychoeducator)

Patricia Archambault, occupational therapist