SOSteacher scolarships SOSprof bourses d'études

Persistence and Excellence Scholarships in Canada

Who are the scholarships for? 

SOSteacher scolarships SOSprof bourses d'études

The scholarships offered at SOSteacher are for students who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada. They apply to full-time elementary, high school, college and university students. These bursaries are offered to students who go beyond the requirements as well as to those who have made remarkable progress in their academic performance. 


Who are we? 

SOSteacher offers tutoring services, homework help and remedial education in various subjects: math tutoring, French courses, chemistry and physics tutoring, English tutoring. These services are offered to elementary, high school and college students. The goal of SOSteacher is to help students strive for success, overcome challenges and achieve their goals.  

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Types of scholarships available 

Excellence Scholarships – for students who excel beyond the requirements. 

  •  A or 85% average. 

Persistence Scholarships – for significant progress in academic achievement.  

  • 15% increase in your previous report card or previous year’s grades. 
  • Go from a failing grade to a passing grade. 


Deadline to apply 

*Depending on the date of the contest advertised.

Variable scholarships 

Scholarships amounts vary by grade level and range from $100 to $300 awarded in the form of an electronic gift card. 


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