Summer Courses for High School and Elementary School

SOSteacher tutors are available for summer courses recognized by the Ministry of Education through our partnership with ÉtudeSecours !


The summer period is a good time to use individualized summer courses to consolidate your learning from the year that has just ended.  It is also an opportune time to review the concepts you have learned in order to validate whether they are well integrated or to prepare for the retaking of a Ministry exam. It is also a good time to do simply to update or catch up on schoolwork in preparation for the new school year. We offer academic support services in several subjects, mainly in mathematics, French, English and science for the following levels: elementary, secondary and collegial.


Compare private summer courses with summer courses taken in a small group


Individualized private courses:


  • Flexible schedule that fits your availabilities;
  • Personalized and diversified tutors;
  • Efficient targeting of the student’s particular needs (where the student is in their learning process);
  • No adaptation to a new group, reducing some anxiety;
  • Immediate feedback;
  • Number of class hours to achieve the same result DIVIDED BY THREE since there is no time wasted managing a group.


Group courses:


  • Fixed schedule;
  • Tutor selected by the institution;
  • Teaching according to a fixed program that does not consider individual needs;
  • Are given in an institution;
  • Brief or absent feedback;
  • Adaptation to a group of strangers;
  • Number of hours to achieve the same result MULTIPLED BY THREE due to group management and individual learning pace. Just think of those famous group swimming lessons where your child actually only has a few minutes of attention for the entire duration of the class. The rest of the time is unnecessary waiting.


Summer School Certificate:


Our summer course service is accepted by most public and private schools. Upon request, we will provide you with an official certificate indicating the number of hours of classes and the achievement of the Ministry’s program objectives. We therefore invite you to contact your school to validate the number of hours to be completed in individualized tutoring at SOSteacher instead of group courses.



We offer the possibility of taking a ministry-recognized asynchronous course with the collaboration of our partner ÉtudeSecours. Contact us to find out more.


Ministry Exams: What you need to know as a parent


Summer courses are for students who:


  • Want to improve their knowledge and do a personalized review (starting in kindergarten);
  • Have experienced academic difficulties during the previous school year;
  • Are home-schooled;
  • Are at risk of failure;
  • Have to retake an exam during the summer;
  • Are preparing for the high school entrance exam.

Recommended revision workbooks (click here)


Also available online, at all good booksellers, Costco, Walmart and so on:


This collection follows the proposed learning progression according to school levels, and it offers challenging tests as well as a final exam. Our tutors will accompany your child as they complete the workbooks, correct their work and organize evaluations which you will be able to submit to your school. Run out and buy it now!



“Katherine has developed an incredible bond with Maxime, my son who has been diagnosed with ADHD. She is helping him meet his academic challenges with brio and he has a lot more self-confidence now that he is doing well academically.”

Caroline C., Quebec City, Quebec


Our accredited tutors are available in several cities in Quebec and Ontario:


  • Montreal
  • Quebec
  • Trois-Rivières
  • Sherbrooke
  • Longueuil
  • Laval
  • Gatineau
  • Mirabel
  • Toronto
  • Ottawa
  • Kingston
  • Several other nearby towns


Our private courses available 7 days a week:


  • Remedial work
  • Catch-up
  • Homework help
  • Tutoring
  • Preparation for the entrance exam to private schools
  • Updates for parents

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SOSteacher is:


  • A dynamic team that listens and understands your needs;
  • Accredited tutors carefully selected based on their experience with young people, their specialized academic background, their passion for teaching and their security clearance (based on a background check);
  • Fast, affordable and safe service.