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Tutoring services and homework help

Academic coaching, homework help and exam preparation

Tutoring sessions allow the student to catch up academically as well as achieve an academic level in line with the educational objectives prescribed by their current grade level, in accordance with the program of the Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sport.

Tutorat et aide aux devoirs SOSprof - SOSteacher tutoring and homework help
SOSprof Aide aux devoirs - SOSteacher Homework help

Remidial Teaching Services 2023

Do you need private remedial teacher to achieve better academic results?

If your child is experiencing persistent difficulties in school, such as trouble keeping up with lessons, understanding taught subjects, or if they have a diagnosed learning disorder like dyslexia or ADHD, they could greatly benefit from the support of a remedial teacher.

Tutorat et aide aux devoirs SOSprof - SOSteacher tutoring and homework help
SOSprof Scolarisation à la maison - SOSprof Home schooling

Home schooling

Accompanying you through this beautiful project

If you choose to homeschool your child, oversight from the Ministry of Education is required. A teaching resource from SOSprof can help you set goals to ensure the smooth progression of your child’s educational journey.

Tutorat et aide aux devoirs SOSprof - SOSteacher tutoring and homework help
SOSprof Cours d'été - SOSteacher Summer courses

Summer Courses 2023

Academic support for your child’s learning!

The summer class provides academic support for your child’s learning and reinforces it so that he or she can internalize it and be ready for the new school year. It is a review that helps organize and integrate the concepts learned in the classroom during the previous school year. It also allows the student to catch up on his or her schoolwork in order to pass an exam, with the help of a private teacher.

Tutorat et aide aux devoirs SOSprof - SOSteacher tutoring and homework help
SOSprof Tutorat scolaire pour les élèves-athlètes - SOSteacher Academic tutoring for student-athletes

Academic tutoring for student-athletes

Personalized tutoring to fit your student-athlete’s schedule..

Our student-athletes are taught according to variable schedules depending on the sport they play, the location and the level of sport they play. These young people all have one thing in common when it comes to their schooling: they must be very independent. SOSteacher offers personalized academic support by adapting to the subject matter, but more importantly, to the schedule of our student-athletes. The tutoring is done mainly at a distance, which allows us to follow our students all over the world!
Tutorat et aide aux devoirs SOSprof - SOSteacher tutoring and homework help
SOSprof Préparation à l’examen d’admission au secondaire - SOSteacher High school entrance exam preparation

Home schooling

5 to 6 tutoring sessions to well prepare your young teenager.

Our tutors specialized in this field prepare your youngster both psychologically and academically by putting them in a situation where they take a mock admission test similar to the one they will undergo for their enrollment in a private school.

Tutorat et aide aux devoirs SOSprof - SOSteacher tutoring and homework help
SOSprof Services spécialisés pour la famille - SOSprof Specialized family services

Specialized education services

Academic support for your child’s learning!

Fulfill your child’s potential with our specialized educational services. From speech therapy to occupational therapy and neuropsychology, our experts tailor strategies to overcome learning, sensory, emotional and cognitive difficulties. Discover a world of possibilities for your child’s success and well-being.

Tutorat et aide aux devoirs SOSprof - SOSteacher tutoring and homework help

Elementary tutoring

elementary tutoring, SOSprof

Strengthen your child's educational foundation with our primary school tutoring service.

In a child’s educational journey, the primary school years are crucial. They lay the foundations for essential life skills, understanding, curiosity and a love of learning. Our primary school tutoring service is designed to accompany each child on this journey, ensuring that they not only acquire the fundamental knowledge, but also develop the confidence and skills needed to succeed. In this way, we become important allies in the academic success of the student and his or her family. 

The primary school tutor: his role in academic success  

The role of the primary school tutor is crucial to academic success. In fact, a personalized approach helps to identify and fill gaps right from the start of learning. Statistics show that students who receive tutoring from primary school onwards significantly improve their academic performance. Targeted support also helps build a solid foundation in key subjects, boosting students’ confidence and independence. Investing in quality tutoring in primary school is therefore a major asset to a child’s educational journey.  

The primary school tutor not only plays an educational role for the student, but also acts as a valuable ally for the family. By offering tailor-made support, the tutor helps to lighten the parents’ load in terms of homework help and school follow-up. This collaboration strengthens the educational triangle formed by the student, the family and the school, fostering an environment conducive to learning and the child’s well-being. 

What is tutoring?  

Tutoring, according to its Latin root, “tutor”, means “one who guards, one who protects, curator”. (Dictionnaire de l’Académie française [1694])  

Today, tutoring in elementary schools is much more than just tutoring. It also encompasses differentiated pedagogy, work methodology and psychological support adapted to the different characteristics of the student in question. Today’s tutors, in addition to their great benevolence, design targeted, privileged and reassuring care to help not only academic learning, but also your child’s overall development.  

Today’s tutoring is defined as a “helping relationship”, personalized coaching at all levels, whatever the age of the student or the goals to be achieved. Read more about tutoring in this interesting article. 

Homework, lessons and tutoring in elementary schools

elementary tutoring, SOSprof

Why is primary school tutoring essential?

Tutoring in elementary school is much more than just helping with homework; it represents a crucial investment in a child’s overall and ongoing development, particularly in the development of soft skills.

From the very first years of learning, children lay the foundations for their cognitive, social and emotional skills. That’s why it’s so important to start early to build a solid foundation for all aspects of life.  

When a child receives personalized support from elementary school onwards, he or she not only learns to overcome academic obstacles, but also develops self-confidence and resilience that will serve him or her throughout life.

Tailored tutoring at this crucial stage helps to identify and build on each student’s strengths, while addressing areas of difficulty in a constructive and positive way. Tutoring in primary school aims to explore a child’s full potential. 

elementary tutoring, SOSprof

Our personalized approach to elementary homework help and tutoring

As we observe, every child is unique, with his or her own strengths and challenges. Our team of expert elementary school tutors takes a personalized approach that accommodates these differences. We create customized tutoring plans that target the child’s specific needs, using proven pedagogical techniques that maximize engagement and retention. We work hand in hand with the teacher to ensure that learning takes place both at school and at home, always in accordance with the Ministry’s curriculum for elementary school. 


Essential skills for elementary: 


Tutoring in elementary French   


When it comes to reading  

We take a complementary approach to that taught in the classroom, focusing on strengthening reading comprehension and fluency. We use techniques such as syllabic reading to help children improve their word decoding, an essential skill for beginning readers.

By working on texts adapted to each child’s level, we aim to increase their confidence and independence in reading. Our tutoring aims to consolidate their ability to quickly recognize words and understand the meaning of texts, which is fundamental to their success at school and their enjoyment of reading. 

For writing  

Here, our aim is to assist the student in practicing and improving their writing skills, working on targeted exercises that complement their classroom learning. This can include helping them write well-structured sentences and paragraphs, reinforcing spelling and grammar, and encouraging them to express their ideas clearly and coherently.

At your request, we offer creative and analytical writing activities to stimulate the imagination and hone the ability to argue and write thoughtfully.   

Here you’ll find French exercises for elementary school students. 


Elementary math tutoring  

Elementary math tutoring plays an essential role in reinforcing fundamental skills and building a solid foundation for future learning. Our approach is customized to meet each child’s individual needs, complementing classroom instruction. For example: 

Basic operations and numbers  

We focus on basic operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, fractional numbers, decimal numbers – to establish a solid understanding of fundamental mathematical concepts. Through interactive teaching methods, students visualize and manipulate these concepts concretely, fostering a deeper and longer-lasting understanding. 

Problem solving

Our students’ Achilles heel! Problem solving is at the heart of our elementary mathematics teaching. We encourage students to apply mathematical concepts to real-life situations, reinforcing their understanding and developing their ability to think critically. Hands-on exercises and educational games make learning both engaging and fun, sparking a lasting interest in the subject.  


Geometry is a key area of critical thinking. We help students understand shapes, spaces and measurements through hands-on activities and the use of learning materials that complement what is seen in the classroom. This hands-on approach helps young people develop an intuitive understanding of geometric concepts.   Here you’ll find math exercises for elementary students. 

English tutoring in elementary schools

As English is a global language, learning it from elementary school onwards is essential to opening up international horizons for children. Our elementary tutoring aims to enrich and complement classroom English teaching by focusing on key skills. Here are just a few examples:   

Listening and speaking  

We focus on active oral English practice, considered the most complex part of learning a second language. For example, activities such as role-playing and guided discussions enable students to improve their comprehension and speaking skills, while enriching their vocabulary and working on their pronunciation. 

Reading in English  

Reading is fundamental to learning English. We offer texts adapted to each student’s level to improve their reading fluency and comprehension, making sure to include a variety of genres to keep them engaged and interested. Parents and teachers can help us discover what children are passionate about!  

Writing in English  

We guide students in developing their writing skills, from building simple sentences to writing short texts, depending on their level. This includes working on spelling, grammar, and organizing ideas for clear, coherent written expression. 

Grammar and vocabulary  

Enriching vocabulary and mastering grammar are essential to communicating effectively in English. Our elementary English tutoring is designed to integrate grammar and vocabulary learning in a practical and interactive way, promoting better retention of learned concepts.    Here are some English exercises for elementary students. 

Why choosing online tutoring?

How does an elementary online tutoring session work?


The student chooses a quiet place conducive to learning

  1. Quick and easy opening of the virtual session
  2. Contact with tutor and review of the school day
  3. Reminder of today’s objectives in English
  4. Completion of lessons and exercises
  5. Tutor highlights the student’s strengths and strengths during the session
  6. Set objectives for next tutoring session

Success story in elementary school

Maxime, a lively and inquisitive 8-year-old, was experiencing difficulties at school that were masking his true potential. Math and reading were insurmountable mountains for him, creating a vicious circle of anxiety and low self-confidence.

His concerned but determined parents turned to our tutoring service in the hope of reversing the trend. What’s more, homework time had become a nightmare as Maxime refused to cooperate 

The challenge  

When we first met Maxime online, he was shy and reluctant to talk about his academic difficulties. He was struggling to keep up in class, especially in math, where basic concepts eluded him, and in reading, where he struggled to decipher words, hindering his comprehension of texts. 

Our approach  

We started by assessing Maxime’s specific needs to create a personalized tutoring program. In math, we used visual and hands-on methods to teach him fundamental concepts, turning numbers and operations into games and puzzles.

For reading, we adopted a phonetic approach, helping Maxime to break words down into syllables, gradually improving his fluency and comprehension. We’ve also been working with him on his vocabulary words since Grade 1 


The change

As the weeks went by, the change in Maxime was palpable. The online tutoring sessions became moments he looked forward to, a space where he felt comfortable asking questions, making mistakes and learning at his own pace. His confidence began to rebuild, stone by stone. He and his tutor became a formidable duo! 

The success story  

After several months of tutoring, Maxime not only caught up, but also began to excel. His math grades improved dramatically, and his reading became more fluent, opening the doors to a world of books and stories he was now eager to explore.

Feedback from his teachers was glowing, highlighting his commitment to the classroom and his active participation. Report card grades improved 

In conclusion  

In this case, Maxime is living proof that, with the right tutoring, every child can overcome his or her difficulties and flourish. His parents, moved and grateful, saw in him a change that went far beyond his grades: a renewed self-confidence and a positive attitude towards learning – what a relief at homework time!

As for Maxime, he now looks to the future with enthusiasm, armed with the tools he needs to succeed at school and in life. Tutoring has become a must for Maxime’s family. 

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