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Tutoring services and homework help

Academic coaching, homework help and exam preparation

Tutoring sessions allow the student to catch up academically as well as achieve an academic level in line with the educational objectives prescribed by their current grade level, in accordance with the program of the Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sport.

Tutorat et aide aux devoirs SOSprof - SOSteacher tutoring and homework help
SOSprof Aide aux devoirs - SOSteacher Homework help

Remidial Teaching Services 2023

Do you need private remedial teacher to achieve better academic results?

If your child is experiencing persistent difficulties in school, such as trouble keeping up with lessons, understanding taught subjects, or if they have a diagnosed learning disorder like dyslexia or ADHD, they could greatly benefit from the support of a remedial teacher.

Tutorat et aide aux devoirs SOSprof - SOSteacher tutoring and homework help
SOSprof Scolarisation à la maison - SOSprof Home schooling

Home schooling

Accompanying you through this beautiful project

If you choose to homeschool your child, oversight from the Ministry of Education is required. A teaching resource from SOSprof can help you set goals to ensure the smooth progression of your child’s educational journey.

Tutorat et aide aux devoirs SOSprof - SOSteacher tutoring and homework help
SOSprof Cours d'été - SOSteacher Summer courses

Summer Courses 2023

Academic support for your child’s learning!

The summer class provides academic support for your child’s learning and reinforces it so that he or she can internalize it and be ready for the new school year. It is a review that helps organize and integrate the concepts learned in the classroom during the previous school year. It also allows the student to catch up on his or her schoolwork in order to pass an exam, with the help of a private teacher.

Tutorat et aide aux devoirs SOSprof - SOSteacher tutoring and homework help
SOSprof Tutorat scolaire pour les élèves-athlètes - SOSteacher Academic tutoring for student-athletes

Academic tutoring for student-athletes

Personalized tutoring to fit your student-athlete’s schedule..

Our student-athletes are taught according to variable schedules depending on the sport they play, the location and the level of sport they play. These young people all have one thing in common when it comes to their schooling: they must be very independent. SOSteacher offers personalized academic support by adapting to the subject matter, but more importantly, to the schedule of our student-athletes. The tutoring is done mainly at a distance, which allows us to follow our students all over the world!
Tutorat et aide aux devoirs SOSprof - SOSteacher tutoring and homework help
SOSprof Préparation à l’examen d’admission au secondaire - SOSteacher High school entrance exam preparation

Home schooling

5 to 6 tutoring sessions to well prepare your young teenager.

Our tutors specialized in this field prepare your youngster both psychologically and academically by putting them in a situation where they take a mock admission test similar to the one they will undergo for their enrollment in a private school.

Tutorat et aide aux devoirs SOSprof - SOSteacher tutoring and homework help
SOSprof Services spécialisés pour la famille - SOSprof Specialized family services

Specialized education services

Academic support for your child’s learning!

Fulfill your child’s potential with our specialized educational services. From speech therapy to occupational therapy and neuropsychology, our experts tailor strategies to overcome learning, sensory, emotional and cognitive difficulties. Discover a world of possibilities for your child’s success and well-being.

Tutorat et aide aux devoirs SOSprof - SOSteacher tutoring and homework help

The first year of primary school

A child’s school career is important to everyone. As a parent or teacher, you want to help your child succeed in the first year of school. This page will give you access to the essential knowledge of the first year of primary school. What’s more, it gives you unique access to valuable resources to support your child’s progress. In short, this page is a guide to reviewing the first year of primary school. It’s all based on the Quebec Education Program, available on the Ministry of Education and Higher Education of Quebec[1].


French revision first year of cycle one: spelling in use

Your child should :

  • Recognize the letters of the alphabet and name them in order. Here’s a link to practice
  • Identify vowels (a, e, i, o, u, y) and consonants (the other letters of the alphabet).
  • Understand spelling marks such as accents, cedilla, umlaut, hyphen and apostrophe.
  • Learn to read and write words. The following sounds need to be recognized: an, ou, o, in, oi, on, ch, eu, è, é, k, s, z. Syllables, the letter position rule, the letter g, the letter c and silent letters are all part of the learning process. The following sites are two excellent resources to guide you and introduce your child to reading and writing:
  • Reading and writing sounds.


Here’s a story for your child.


Learning about grammar and the agreement system


The student should be able to :

  • Identify the signs that delimit a sentence: the capital letter, the period, the exclamation mark and the question mark.
  • Know the different ways of forming negation in a sentence



Revision of first-year conjugation skills


The child memorizes the following verb forms: to be, to love, to have, to go, to say, to do

Here’s a video explaining the verbal form to children.


Revision of first-year text organization


Your child must :

  • Be able to observe and recognize a text
  • Be able to produce a text
  • Recognize the flow of a fictional narrative


Vocabulary review for a first-grader

By the end of the school year, a child should have mastered writing words with the following themes:

  • The colors
  • Directions
  • The calendar
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Body parts
  • Back to school
  • Christmas
  • Halloween
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Easter
  • Pets


Work on writing strategies at home.



Revision of first grade mathematics

The following concepts are for the first and second years of the first cycle. So it’s normal that your child won’t be able to master certain concepts 100%. There’s no need to stress! The aim is to provide a basic review of your child’s first year.




You can review with your child:

  • Number sense

The Alloprof website gives you more details on this notion.


  • Fractions using concrete materials

Here are some easy-to-access objects to use to practice fractions: Smarties [or other sweets that will make your child smile], buttons, cards, pencils, etc. In short, any object your child can handle. In short, anything your child can handle.


  • Sense of operations on numbers: addition, subtraction, mental arithmetic, etc.

Here’s a website for your children to practice.


Geometry and measurement in the first cycle of primary school


You can exercise your youth at :

  • Measure objects
  • Recognize types of line
  • Identify plane figures
  • Calculate the perimeter of figures


A video explaining how to calculate the perimeter of figures.


Statistics and probability for the first year

The child can calculate the probable results of an experiment. The Alloprof website offers a wide range of explanations for this section.


Finally, here is a page on the SOSteacher website, to make homework time easier for your children:


Find out more and get better equipped


Essential skills for primary school :


[1] Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur (MEES). Quebec Education Program.


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