SOSteacher wants the well-being of companies, just as companies strive for the happiness of their employees. The hectic pace of parents’ lives can sometimes seem exhausting: homework, meals and chores of all kinds. Therefore, do as many companies do and offer your employees the SOSteacher perk: affordable tutoring services to lighten your employees’ evenings after a long day at work.

What is the SOSteacher benefit?


Involvement in your employees’ lives is important. By doing so, you not only give them a break at the end of the day, you also encourage their children’s education. By becoming a SOSteacher partner, the registration fees will be waived. At your discretion, you choose a percentage that you wish to contribute to your employees. This way, they can take advantage of our tutoring services at a reduced rate.

For example, for a company that reimburses 25% of the tutoring fees paid by its employees, this represents an average of $40 per month. For a 100% reimbursement of the expenses incurred, this represents an average of $150 per month.


How does it work?


Your employees fill out a personalized application and we take care of the rest! Based on the needs of the parent and child, we match the student with a designated tutor according to the subject to be taught, the student’s level and the difficulties or skills needing improvement. We take into account the availability of each employee to find the match that will suit him or her and help the child develop his or her full potential. Most importantly, we consider the student’s needs to help him or her succeed because each student is unique and different.

Finally, your employees keep detailed invoices for the tutoring services provided and agree to the terms of reimbursement; a benefit for both the company and its employees.



Why contribute to the SOSteacher benefit as a company?


1- Happy employees are employees you can count on for a long time. In these times of labour shortage, we offer you the opportunity to contribute to the peace-of-mind of your employees by offering them the greatest gift in the world: education. Moreover, their children will be part of tomorrow’s workforce. So why not enrich their knowledge today by adding this benefit to their working conditions?

2- Offering education is offering the world. By becoming an SOSteacher partner, your company stands out from the competition by offering an essential value: education. Contributing to the education of your employees’ children is a guarantee of happiness for those who participate in your success everyday. In addition, your logo will be displayed on the SOSteacher website as a partner in education.

3- On top of that, you are offering an original benefit! You stand out with an innovative idea which shows that the well-being of your employees and their families is important to you.

Making your employees benefit from the SOSteacher benefit means uniting companies that already contribute to the success of their employees and their loved ones. It means participating in tomorrow’s education while making your company a company that cares about its employees.