Teach it forward


Teach it forward is a volunteer program of individualized teaching targeting the vulnerable clientele of our public education establishments across Quebec. It arises from the passion and generosity of several accredited teachers and tutors who offer 10 hours of tutoring services or homework support to students requiring additional assistance in order to progress in their learning or consolidate their previous achievements. It is also intended for new immigrants who need some help to master the subtleties of the French language, and improve their speaking, writing and reading abilities. A good way to increase their motivation to persevere in their schooling.

Our mission is to counteract preventively the negative effects of school dropout. We want to offer to students with academic difficulties the opportunity to spend some quality time with a tutor with whom they will establish a bond of trust and respect. A good relationship teacher-student is known to increase the level of motivation related to studies and to help develop a positive attitude toward education. It also contributes to integrating education in the core values of the child.

The tutors of the “Teach it forward” program, who are certified by SOSprof, are dedicated to offer academic support tailored to the needs of students, at the place and time agreed by the parents or the school management.

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