As a school, you have a front-row seat to education. Are your employees and the parents of your students overwhelmed? Does the hectic pace of modern life between meals, travel and activities of all kinds leave you short of time to accomplish everything you would like to? Would you like to guide your parents and staff to resources to help them? SOSteacher tutoring is the ideal solution for you.


The benefits of SOSteacher tutoring


Sometimes, despite all your efforts and goodwill, you don’t have the time to offer customized help to students who need it or to those who simply want to ensure comprehension of the concepts acquired in class. Entrusting students to experienced tutors who will be able to assist them in their learning is the solution. Our services can also helpful to students prepare for classroom exams or for high school entrance exams. With qualified tutors for each grade level who are aware of the difficulties that some students may encounter, SOSteacher can find the person who will be able to help your student or child progress adequately in his or her learning. In addition, our satisfaction surveys indicate that our tutoring services help students achieve better results in school.


What is SOSteacher tutoring?


Nothing could be easier! Let your school employees and your students’ parents know that we offer tutoring services. Afterwards, all they have to do is visit to show their interest. SOSteacher will quickly match the student with a tutor. Your employees or the parents of your students fill out a personalized application and we take care of the rest! You will need to indicate your availability, the student’s level, his or her difficulties, if any, the skills to be developed, the subject for which you want tutoring services and that’s it! We know that each student is unique and different, which is why each student is matched with a specific tutor.


The importance of Education


We are aware that the days are busy and this is why we make our tutoring services easily accessible; the match is made quickly, according to the student’s needs and your availability. Thus, whether it is day, evening or weekend, we will adjust our services to your needs.

The parents of your students and your employees can benefit from precious help when time is short. Offering education is offering the world. By calling upon the services of SOSteacher, you contribute to our mission which is, just like for you, education.

When you recommend SOSteacher to  your employees and the parents of your students , you join many parents who are already committed to the success of young people. It means participating in tomorrow’s generation, by supporting your students’ success through spreading the word about our tutoring services.